Sunday, February 04, 2007

Quote of the day.

After assisting in our sunday feeding program at church, my family went to President in Ongpin to feed our starving selves. My cousin, Dra. Beth (incidentaly also my ninang. She was 12, I think.) eldest among the clan, was also there. Dra. had her younger brother marry before her, so when she came upon the news that Kulet was getting married on May, yes, very well ahead of me, she went into this panalo quip:

Dra: Leng, mauuna si Es-em sa iyo magpakasal? Pumayag ka?
Dapat hindi ka nagpauna. Tingnan mo ko, naunahan. Ayaw ko na tuloy.

Hahaha. Pero, come to think of it, parang ayaw ko na rin. Hehehe.

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