Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Deadly sins.

- I'm cleaning up my office PC. Apparently, spammer pala ako, and i have a stash of Arab porn pics and Kama Sutra tips somewhere that i am generously sending to my friends. Nak ng tokwa, ba't di ko alam yon? Ako ata lugi don ha. Hahaha.

- I am, as beb puts it, in my "indie alternative phase". Aneca is now looping Jimmy Eat World, The Wreckers, Aqualung and a host of other kick-ass bands based at the other side of the pacific. A far cry from my "country music phase" couple of months ago, though, still, a little Keith Urban wouldn't hurt nobody.

- I've learned that the ten pounds i've successfully lost through channeling Madonna on a vajolet (read: one shade short of Grimace, our favorite Mcdo mascot) yoga mat for the last month can easily creep back in three consecutive nights of p.g. type of eating. Hard to be centered when i'm fighting my oral fixation.

Food. Must. Give. In.

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