Thursday, March 02, 2006

I'm VIMP-in'

Getting a boxed DVD set may not be the most romantic of gifts a boyfriend could give to his girlfriend on their second year anniversary --- unless, the said girlfriend is me. I've been dropping hints to beb for sometime now on how addicted I am to a certain american series that tickles the wannabe sleuth in me and to say that I'm ecstatic when i finally got hold of the 8 dvd's of pure Veronica Mars season 1 would be an understatement.

I always find myself attracted to mysteries. I used to collect Nancy Drew books when i was young while I knew all my friends thought the Sweet Valley High Twins were way more fashionable. I used to love playing Where in the world is Carmen Sandiego to the point of practically memorizing all state capitals, not to mention their currency, which i found quite handy during fourth year World History (you can say it, NERD!). Im also a sucker for CSI, Vegas, that is, nothing beats the original (but this is another entry altogether). Needless to say Veronica Mars filled my conspiracy theory-appetite.

Although admittedly a tv-junkie, there are only a few series on tv that i would literally bang my head to the wall if i missed an episode. This IS one of them (actually one of two , that's how picky i am to shows i would be obsessed about. YES, obsessed.) To say it's just a highschool sleauth show would be seeling it short. It has a damn good romantic story line. Ok fine, i'll fess up. It has given me more kilig moments than i could take in one sitting hour. Kilig as in shouting through my pillow kilig. Fecking cute guys help a lot, especially chubby chubby Duncan (i have my biasses). So even though i've already watched the damn series at least thrice in dvd, it doesn't stop me from turning down beb dinner invites wednesday nights. Luckily, the boyfriend understands that his girlfriend has addictive personality.

The thing is, only a few people share my obsession to the witty writing and fast paced show of Rob Thomas. Ok, so it's not a few people, the show is destined to have its own cult following, but it's a half a million viewers short on what it's producers would call commercially-viable. My show (yes, im owning it) is in the brink of going to cancellation heaven. So here's my plea. Please please, if anyone from the US happens to unwittingly cross my blog's path please go here and get a postcard. Yes, im show-pimping. I'll do anything to make Veronica go to college. I'll walk on shards of glass, eat gillette blades, strutt over coal ambers, anything just to save this show. Unfortunately, the vote of a crazy fanatic living in the Philippines doesn't count. If it only does, they're sure to regret ever mentioning to the C-word. Don't they know i know people? (",)

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