Thursday, March 16, 2006

Much Deserved Island Getaway

Attention all ye who share our work-aholism's curse. The word "vacation" proudly makes a reappearance in my family's dictionary.

So it's not exactly a week-long affair in some far flung exotic tropical haven, not even a weekend in a cold breezy mountainside resthouse. But after slaving day after day to earn our keep, a day spent somewhere that have a semblance of the outdoors is very much needed and welcomed. We used to go to Island Cove every weekend some three, four years ago. With no way better to put it, crap happened, and let's just say, we were glad to have at least the holy week and christmas two-day holiday off. Now that the tide seems to be shift in our favor, so to speak, and having Ouie's and Kulet's bday within the same week in March, the shop was closed shut temporarily and we trooped off to Cavite, a stone- throw away from Manila, but nonetheless outside urbania.

The place did not change much. We settled in one of those floating cabanas in the fishing village. After lunch, the folks took their place for some shut eye, the nerdy one brought a boyfriend to sleep on (comfy hehe) and a book to drive her to sleep *ahem*, and the rest donned on swimwears and headed off the resort's pool. After being satisfied with a midday nap, the vacationeers rented out multi-colored bamboo fishing rods and tormented the schools of bangus which when caught would set you back 150 buckaroos a kilo, a killing i tell you. By afternoon, the halo halo's came and everybody digged excitedly in.

You live for days like this. Hope there's more to come

island cove's bday girl 03.06

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