Saturday, August 05, 2006

Wars and battles.

Fighting this drains me. One day, I'd say it was all bourne out of immaturity, only to be left the next moment realizing I am rationalizing my way out of necessary insanity. It left so many scars, deep ones I wear proudly, like shiny badges of honor to inspire those who treaded this beaten path. But the beautiful ones I keep for myself, memories of old wounds that bled to fill the void of the last thing it --- you --- unwittingly took from me.

I have bigger enemies to face and bigger wars to win, enough reason for me not to be here. I want to see the end of this so i will fight this cause I see no other choice, and though everyday the wage gets smaller and smaller, the spoils become even more minute collateral damage, I am beginning to think you are the battle I would never win.

***Presently resuscitating lost brains cells from last night. Nursing a big hammy. Forgive me.

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