Wednesday, February 15, 2006

I miss

I miss the old me, version.(20)01 - (20)03.

I miss walking through ateneo gate 3, being greeted by socsci and rizal lib, hanging out at the sec b benches, then at the eco dept two years later. I miss early morning talks of what the sims' burglar took from our digital dream houses and (now doomed) paotsin siomai breakfast as soon as the caf opened. I don't miss the classes, but i missed hanging out with the eco girls at escaler before math 21 while the boys find a new way to annoy us. I miss balancing my vendo coffee from sec a after my first year ungodly early morning nat sci class, then my brown bag-ed double salami, egg and cheese sandwich from food for thought as I head for home in loyola heights condo, senior year. I miss jollibee, natio, and starbucks katips, things my now always empty wallet could do without. I miss the sounds of trikes during 7 am rush hour and jogger's foot traffic at night time. I miss running from gate three to moro to gate 2 back to the condo just in time for AI season 3. I miss kaye's sinigang and leigh's adobe tutorials and the condo girls' soft porn nights. I miss college, not college-college, but college life.

I miss my friends, version.(20)01-(20)03.

I miss those weekends. I miss fetching them well past ten in the evening. I miss them having to "invent" some excuse to get off their houses. I miss going to bars where the waiters know us by reputation. I miss having a table even though the place was packed. I miss subzeroes. I miss frozen margaritas. I miss off-the-menu, should-be-declared-illegal mixes. I miss bitchin' about the opening act, the oldies crowd, disappointing booze, paimportante people, and jerks and asses men-parade currently going on in our lives. I miss coffee in styros at 3 am. I miss hang-over-ed mornings, neighborhood tapsi lunches and SATC nights. I miss laughing my head off over bad ass hirits of all hirits. I miss stalking in Malate. I missed being stalked in Malate. I miss revenge nights, armed with sticks of Juicy Fruits. I miss tripping over ourselves because of too much alcohol. I miss Jose. I miss our lolos would could put MYMP to shame. I miss having to look forward for the next weekend. I just miss hanging out.

I miss my life, circa 2001-2003.

I miss not having to worry where i'll be ten years from now. I miss not worrying about how to pay the bills and earn my keep. I miss chasing my dreams, realities and responsibilites now get in the way. I miss just waking up, going to school, eat then sleep. I miss the trivialities youth comes alone with. I miss not having to live up to anyone's expectation, not even my own. I miss my old problems, because they are far more easier to solve than those i have now. I miss those times when boys were an excuse to get together, not to grow apart. I miss having a real laugh. I miss having fun without bringing up old memories, because back then, the present is way more hilarious. I miss not having to look back, because back then, the now wasn't worth missing. I miss the old versions of my friends because in some ways, we are all way more fun then than we are now. I miss them, but i welcome the change, because nobody wants to be stuck in the past. I miss the old me. I miss the old them. I miss my life circa 2001-2003. I miss not having to miss anything at all.

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At 2/19/2006 07:59:00 AM, Blogger oysing said...

i miss . . . . =(

At 2/19/2006 10:06:00 AM, Anonymous freefalldrifter said...

me too... ayoko ng ma-depress...


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