Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Lust fart 2007

Because this worked like a charm last year, and I know I've been somewhat of a good girl the past year (walang kokontra (",) ) I'm calling on all the powers of the universe to grant me this...

Because Tatang Isko, my jurassic laptop, will soon begin its inevitable journey to computer heaven, I need a replacement. It's a Macbook 2.16 ghz, with 1gb RAM, 120 gb hd, a superdrive, Isight and Ilife '08, and hopefully armed with the about to be released Leopard OS. But if it drops into my loving, very welcoming arms even before Steve Jobs gives his go on the new OS, I'll settle for the Tiger. Yes, universe, I'm cutting you some slack *winkwink*

And yeah, she already has a name. My new baby (yesss, with conviction) would be called Jenny, after The Click Five's song. It's been my LSS for the last week. The lyrics are so, for lack of a better term, nananadya. Needless to say, it got me hooked. Or more like, affected(?). Plus, Jenny's a cute simple "unassuming" name. Besides, calling it ***** is just too obvious. Nyehehe.

And since we're on the subject of I-want, universe, if you are to be so kind, and I know you will be, as always, to me, I also want this...

A Nikkor 18-200mm vr lens. Isn't it delicious? Comes with a very delicious price tag too. Niko's excited. Me, too, of course.

And like last year, my wants come in threes. But then, unlike the first two, I'm a little hesitant to ask for the third. Maybe because I still don't know what I'd do if my third wish follows through. And, honestly, I am too damn scared to ask. The universe has never failed me before. And if the universe come up with its end of the bargain this time, I seriously don't know if I could hold up to mine. I might be too shock-ridden and instantly drop dead. I know I want it bad --- I have it bad, and asking for it is (say it with me) bad. (Audience: Soooo bad, it's good? Hahaha. Sorry, inside joke.) Oh well, as they say, be careful what you wish for, they might just come true.


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