Sunday, February 18, 2007

Because Sith happens!

Remember this?

So after months of cam lusting/cam dreaming (yup, as in the cam follows me in my dreams) and I swear delayed gratification never really suited me, I finally took the plunge... in Hidalgo! With beb in tow, I went to my favorite camera store to buy me my precious new baby. At first, I thought, I wanted a Canon 350D --- more bells and whistles, and a popular buy for budding enthusiasts looking for their first dSLR. But after reading tons of reviews (and i mean tons) I decided to go with Nikon's entry level, the D40 --- great shots out of the box, madaling makisama, excellent kit lens, and super wonderful and totally helpful community of Nikonian users , which is priceless for newbies like me. And right from the first click, I'm totally sold, not to mention immediately fell in love with it. And since I'm now suki, Henry gave his rock bottom price for it and an additional discount. San ka pa?

Sith na ako!

Much more, when before beb threatened to break up with me if I went through with such a pocket burning hobby, he went 180 and totally supported me. Eh teka, para namang natakot ako dun noh? Sino kaya mas matatakutin? And speaking of burning holes in my pocket, yup, that's the 5 million dollar home my new baby now sleeps in. My bank account is totally getting a beating this year. Pipikit na lang ako pag pipindot ako sa ATM, para hindi ko maramdaman ang sakit. Hehehe.

Doesn't scream "Camera bag, steal me!". Very purrty in red!
Maa-addict ata ako sa Crumplers ah!

With shots like these, i think the cam is totally worth the buy.
Call me crazy, but I'm in love (again)

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